The Jos. Nusbaumer Distillery

In the heart of the Val de Villé, the Jos. Nusbaumer Distillery succeeds in the pure tradition of the country, with a whole range of prestigious eaux de vie and local liqueurs.

With its continental climate, warm summers and harsh winters, the Val de Villé produces fruit of a quality particularly suited to the making of eaux de vie.

In its museum, in an exceptional setting, the Jos. Nusbaumer Distillery invites you to discover its products. You will be invited to taste eaux de vie, liqueurs and aperitifs and this will help you to understand more about local specialities and to appreciate these authentic local products even more.

The distiller's art does not exclude the use of modern equipment. Although well-ordered equipment and clean, uncluttered surroundings have had a positive effect on the practical side, techniques handed down the generations have been held on to jealously.                   

They start with the harvest and the methodical selection of the fruit and scrupulous cleanliness in the glass tanks in which the fermentation takes place. This metamorphosis demands extreme care, if it is to be successful, and it is only several months later that distillation takes place and turns the fruit a quintessentially fine, fragrant eau de vie which will still need several months, sometimes years, of ageing before it can be bottled and sold.

Come and discover close to thirty varieties of high quality eaux de vie made from fruit and wild berries, distilled and aged according to our valley's traditional recipes, as well as artisan liqueurs made exclusively from fruit and eaux de vie, at 30 to 35° proof, containing only 240 grams of sugar per litre.

The Nusbaumer family history

The Nusbaumer family were home distillers for many generations; the creation of an artisan distillery in 1947 was the logical culmination which allowed them to make commercial use of the knowledge acquired over centuries of practice.

Since the 2000s, the family business has been run by Marianne and Christian Willm, the daughter and son-in-law of Joseph Nusbaumer, the distillery's founder.

The distillery currently has 15 employees.

The photograph opposite is of Joseph Nusbaumer, the distillery's founder, who died in August 2013.





" L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération. "